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Food and Wine Workshops



The kitchen at Cromey, the center of all household activity, was intentionally designed as a workshop, right down to the sliding metal workshop doors. Our intention from the outset was to create an environment where the best of Burgundy could be assembled and shared. Workshops at Cromey are hands-on sessions where  the food and wine of Burgundy comes alive.


Good cooking is based on good technique and good ingredients. Simple products become classic regional specialties. And from these classical foundations spring modern ideas. Our goal with these Workshops is to bring all of these elements together. Exceptional ingredients, solid technique and a modern sensibility.


No doubt about it, Burgundy Wine is a complex subject. But where better than Burgundy to take the challenge? Cromey Workshops give you more than just the basics, we’ll take you inside Burgundy. The people who make the wine. The subtlety, precision and nuance that they call ‘terroir’. None of that commercial stuff you can find anywhere. Real Burgundy.

Terroir 101

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